Tigers Program (Register for Tests Here)

Our 3-6 year old program is designed to give your kids an advantage in coordination, listening, and learning.

The number one rule when working with children of this age is STRUCTURE. Our youngest students perform best when the know what to expect, and have absolute consistency.

The tool we use to help children with their listening and focusing comes from the marvelous book: 1,2,3, Magic, by Thomas W. Phelan PHD. (Modified of course to work in our classroom). While the system we use is very simple - it is also very powerful and can be brought into your home life as well.

Here are our simple rules:

- When there is an inappropriate behavior there will be little or no emotion and attention given.

If there is an inappropriate behavior we will say: “That’s one”

Another inappropriate behavior and we say: “That’s two”

A third violation and: “That’s three”.

If a child gets to “three” then they simply do not get a prize at the end of class. (Parents who use the system at home use a “three” as the sign that a child must go to a time out for a short period - usually 1 minute per year of age.)

We do give lots of emotion and attention to positive behaviors!

To get the most from your child’s program do everything you can to bring them to class with consistency, on time, and on the same days each week. (Of course we have lots of classes available if for some reason a particular day doesn't work out for one reason or another) But if you will try and consistently bring your child on regular days, you will be amazed at the results over time.

After each class parents should pick up a “Tiger Buck”. Keep these "bucks" in a safe place because they may be cashed in for your child's White Belt and stripes.

White Velcro

Awarded after 10 classes (No test required).
Parents please notify before class so that your child can get their belt in front of the other children.

Yellow  Velcro

Must have earned three stripes in order to test.

Children will be tested over knowing their Left from Right, Jab and Cross


Orange Velcro

Must have earned three stripes in order to test.

Children will be tested over Hammer Fist, Front Kick, and everything above.


Red Velcro

Must have earned three stripes in order to test.

Children will be tested over Knife Hand, Palm Strike, and everything above.


The goal of our Tigers program is to allow your child to move up into the next group (Dragon’s). Since there is no direct correlation between belts; we are looking for some of the following improvements to help parents know when a child is ready.

- When a child continues to follow the structure and system even when other children may be misbehaving around them

- When a child responds quickly to the requests of the teacher consistently

- When a child can control their body enough to not run into other children when lining up or playing

Parents Note: It takes time

Most of the growth in our happen on its own. The structure of the classroom will cause the changes you want in your child. For some children this can take a year or more, for others less time, but ALL kids in our Tigers class eventually catch on. Please be patient with your child, and remember as long as they are having fun and attending regularly they WILL get the focus you brought them to us for.


Getting the kind of focus we teach at such a young age is without question the best investment you could ever make. Theses skills will give your child countless opportunities later in life.