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Gym resolutions start in January and usually end in March. How do you exercise with a fun activity all year round?

Most dojos focus on the outside. They focus competitions, belts and things that people don’t really care about.

We focus on what you DO care about. You want to be fit, you want practical self defense, you want to know how to focus your mind. We’ve been helping normal people just like you get what they want for over 30 years!

Feeling intimidated about studying martial arts is the biggest obstacle most people face. But the truth is; we’ve spared no expense to make you feel at home.

“Before I came in I was intimidated. I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in. But everyone here is so friendly.”
— John Scholtz - Maumee Ohio

Our Lessons:


Winner - Best of Toledo!

Toledo City Paper

“Our mission is to not only teach the physical aspects of the art; but to also show you the internal hidden aspects. In other words we teach you how to gain control of your mind.”

Click Sensei's picture to get his full bio.

Click Sensei's picture to get his full bio.

Where have all the dojos gone?

Have you seen a real dojo featured in a documentary or a movie and thought: "I wonder if something like this really exists?" These days it seems like there are more and more Martial Art "studios" but very few real dojos! 

If you look around, you are left with two unfortunate choices; you are stuck with having to choose between a highly commercialized "kids" school or a competitive gym. Fortunately there IS a third option!

A Unique Difference

Insignia of the Martial Arts Center painting

What makes this practice authentic is not just technique. It's not simply what a martial artist does that makes them special; it's how they do it! The way a martial artist moves, breathes, and even thinks is what makes them special. 

The name for this magical, invisible ingredient is "mindfulness". Without "mindfulness", martial arts is reduced to just another sport or activity. With "mindfulness", martial arts become a work of art.

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness happens when a student learns to place full attention on the present moment and let go of every unnecessary thought or action. The consequence of "mindfulness" in a dojo is an atmosphere where the students realize that the battle is always "within". When "mindfulness" is present, all of the need to compete with others or impose our will on others dissolves. The ego begins to melt, and a student learns to practice the art just for the art's sake. What you are left with is a culture of people helping each other to improve. We teach "mindfulness" in each of our classes, and it's this secret ingredient that makes our dojo unique.

Sempai Shelly Self Defense Move

But technique does matter...
(For an overview of our style
click here.) 

If it's technique you want; we've got plenty of that too! Movements that were held secret just a generation ago are now readily available to you! Skill sets from the arts of Karate, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Judo, Aikido, and more. These are the exact techniques featured in mixed martial arts events that you've seen televized through the UFC and in numerous documentaries. But you don't have to travel the world to get this instruction. You don't have to wait outside the gates of the temple in the rain for days begging to be let in. This material is available to you right here, right now, in our safe, courteous and non-competitive dojo!

But what if I'm out of shape?

Real martial arts is for everyone! We have people who have never exercised in their lives who have come to our dojo and started on the path to better health. Regardless of what your physical condition, you'll see people just like you, all progressing at a pace just right for them.

The intention of the Masters of the arts was not to create a sport, or to train only those that were superior athletes. Their intention was to help everyone who wanted to truly learn. We have the good fortune of seeing people every week who have gotten out of shape, or have never been in shape, and help them to finally live the life of health and happiness they so richly deserve. No matter what your physical limitations, we have no higher purpose than to help you discover that you can do the martial arts and do them well.

1st: You will learn self-defense; skills that are effective regardless of your size, strength or gender.

2nd: You will create a stronger, more flexible, and healthier body.

3rd: You will learn to control your thoughts and emotions. This mindset will allow more of the good things you want to come into your life.

Here's a map:

(Easy freeway access from Sylvania, Maumee, Monclova, Perrysburg, Waterville, Whitehouse, Swanton and of course Toledo).

But what if I am a great athlete?

Sometimes we are blessed with students who come to us who are terrific athletes. Some wonder, will I be able to be challenged and pushed to my limits too? Some are interested in getting involved in competition to test themselves. The reality is, if you are one of these lucky individuals, our dojo may be just right for you too. I've spent some time with some of the greatest Martial Athletes alive today. If you get them alone and ask them what they are looking for, they will tell you the same story. They'll tell you they want exactly what everyone else does. They want to be in a dojo that allows them to push themselves to the highest levels, but they also want the courtesy and atmosphere of real martial arts. These athletes may want to challenge themselves with physical competition, but they also realize that the dojo is a place where they can blend in and enjoy improving without ego trips. At our dojo we are lucky to have many of these wonderful athletes as students. While they have diverse backgrounds, they blend in and practice with everyone. I'm proud to say that these incredible athletes are some of the best and most gentle partners we have. You might find yourself meditating, learning , and practicing side by side with an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts in Toledo) fighter and not even know it!

Sempai Shelly Blanco - Co Owner and Self Defense Instructor: Click the image for her full bio.

Sempai Shelly Blanco - Co Owner and Self Defense Instructor: Click the image for her full bio.

Are we right for you?

Have you ever wanted to get in better shape, but traditional workouts just didn't seem right for you? Have you been interested in understanding meditation? Have you ever wanted to learn mixed martial arts technique but were afraid of getting hurt? Did you worry that maybe you wouldn't fit in, or be in good enough shape to participate? Do you have an old injury that you thought would prevent you from being able to do martial arts? Maybe you're just looking for that missing piece in your life, or that missing piece in your fitness plan. No matter who you are, or what your story, we've created a dojo for you.

You will learn the most advanced MMA technique available, but also you will experience what it’s like to practice in the culture of a real dojo -- where etiquette and respect are the everyday norm. You will be taught authentic Martial Arts in the atmosphere, and with the intention of the Masters who created them. Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Courtesy, Patience and a strong Work Ethic are what it takes to be successful. These are the attributes our program will develop. Our martial arts in Toledo and Maumee include the most effective material ever created from the arts of karate, muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kung fu, judo, aikido and more. Most important of all, you learn the martial arts in a culture of self-discipline and mutual respect.

Over the years, Martial Arts Center in Toledo and Martial arts Center in Maumee and Monclova has had a unique goal; to take your martial arts practice back to its roots – to help you on your path to spiritual and personal growth. Our program ties your Martial Arts training with the goals that you have set as a person. We will never give up our passion for making our students be the best they can be. Hundreds of students pass through our doors every week to learn how to live more peaceful and meaningful lives through the practice of martial arts.

We hold martial arts classes in Toledo and martial arts classes in Maumee, at our two Martial Arts Center locations. For fast and friendly information call us today at 419- 385-1000To find out how to register go here.

Here is a list of our frequently asked questions (You can always find them at the bottom of any page):

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What styles do we teach? 
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How do I get started?

If you are looking for more details before you call an abundance of information is available on this site. You can browse the listing menu on the left of this page or even type in what your looking for in the search box above. Good luck in your quest for authentic Martial Arts and thank you for taking the time to consider study with us.

Ready to get started?
Most students start with our Introductory Course. The course consists of two lessons and costs 20.00. If you'd like to register you can click the button to the at the bottom of any page or you can call us at 419-385-1000 and we will be happy to set you up right over the phone.

Are you intrigued? Want to learn more? Check out a some of my live talks that explain more about our philosophy and atmosphere by clicking here. (These talks are raw and uncut - recorded right from the floor after class).

Sensei Joseph Hurtsellers

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