Stranger Danger:

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Sempai Shelly Blanco and Sensei Joseph Hurtellers periodically teach clinics designed to keep both children and families safe. Below is a complete video review featuring Sempai Blanco explaining the "Stranger Danger" rules in total.

(For a written review of the material scroll down below the videos.)

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Written Review of Material Covered


  1. What is a stranger? 
    A stranger is someone who you don’t know or whom your parents don’t know you are with.

  2. What if I need help and my parents aren’t around or I can’t reach them? 
    Parents should identify two or three “safe” adults.  These are people whom your parents trust and can make decisions if they are not available.  Two should be neighbors and the third could possibly be a teacher or other provider with whom the child would feel safe.  Make sure that every “safe” adult knows and agrees to take on this responsibility.
  3. What about “code words”? 
    Code words don’t work – especially with younger children.  If the “stranger” is nice, they want to help them out and will give them the code word! 
  4. What are the four things every child should do when approached by a stranger?
    1. NO – yell “no” REALLY LOUD 
    2. GO – run away
    3. YELL – Yell loudly either “stranger” or “you’re not my mom, you’re not my dad!” 
    4. TELL – immediately tell their teacher or a “safe” adult what just happened. 
  5. What should a child do if grabbed by an adult?
    1. Scream loudly – “you’re not my mom, you’re not my dad!” 
    2. Fight – The areas to strike where children will be more successful against 
      an adult are… 
      1. The eyes – poke them HARD! 

      2. The nose and throat 

      3. Fingers – they break easily 

      4. Knees – if they can hit them hard enough, the stranger can’t chase them. 

      5. Anything Goes! Biting, head butts, kicking, - ANYTHING!

  6. What is the difference between good secrets and bad secrets? 
    I encourage adults to take the word “secret” out of their vocabulary when talking to children -- the word “surprise” is more appropriate.  However, remind children that “good secrets” or “surprises” make them feel happy and excited.  “Bad secrets” make them feel sad and they should always tell you secrets when it makes them feel sad or scared.

Please don’t ever think for a minute that your children are going to remember this if you don’t practice and talk about it regularly.  Quiz your child all the time.  There are no “gray areas”.  Remember, if they get scared, they will forget what to do if it doesn’t become second nature to them.  Practice it all the time.  We want our children to be cautious – NOT paranoid!

UPDATE: The age of the internet has become more and more a factor in our lives and the safety of our children. In general the rules for online activities should be the same as those in the real world for both children AND parents. You wouldn't let your child play in the park by themselves would you? Keeping this in mind - a child should NEVER be allowed to chat or communicate online without you being present....period! 

For a spectacular article on keeping kids safe online please review this article from the Guardian.

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