A quick note from Sensei Hurtsellers:

Thanks for looking into information about me! If you want more of the nitty gritty details about how I started martial arts and ended up founding the Ohio Martial Arts dojo, take a look at my “Who We Are” page.

About Sensei Joseph Hurtsellers

Sensei Hurtsellers is an author of the self improvement books titled "Break The Chain" (Volume 1 and 2). He is also founder and head instructor for Ohio Martial Arts. And speaks regularly on the mats at the dojo. Many of his talks can be heard on his podcast: “Ohio Martial Arts - Mindpower”.

People become a student of Sensei Hurtsellers because deep inside they know there is something more to Martial Arts than simply physical skills. They want to know the physical side, but they also know that behind it all is a mental component.

”This idea that a person can change an outcome by changing how they focus is what makes his teaching special. When you are trained by him [Sensei Hurtsellers] you will quickly realize he is using the techniques in martial arts as a catalyst to effect your mental capacity.

”There are a lot of people that can teach you how to fight; but there are very who can help you create a better life!

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Sensei Joseph Hurtseller's story is powerful. He started life in a abusive and dysfunctional environment. As a child he was shuffled from city to city, surrounded by poverty and raised without structure.

He was weak and malnourished  as a boy, and due to his low self-esteem, often became both a verbal and physical victim.

Because of his status as an outcast he began to look for answers. Why was he suffering? Why was it that people continued to make the same mistakes again and again? Why do others succeed? 

During his search he came across the martial arts. The martial arts intrigued him because at their heart they all seemed to have the same goal. To use a physical activity to change the mind set of the student. This mindset was designed to create a more peaceful and happier life.

It was this mental component of the arts that fascinated Joseph Hurtsellers the most.

At the age of fourteen (1978) he began to train in Okinawan Karate. Through practice the bullying stopped. He also discovered other benefits. He increased his confidence, concentration, and physique. His previously failing school grades dramatically turned, and Joe became an honor roll student. Joseph Hurtseller's life is a reflection of the internal benefits of the Martial Arts.

By 1982 (At only 18) Sensei Hurtsellers began teaching Martial Arts full time under the direct guidance and supervision of Hanchi Robert Bowles (Style head of the Shuri-Ryu Karate style). By the fall of 1982 not only was he directing a dojo full time, but also became the on campus Martial Arts teacher for IPFW university - The Fort Wayne campus of Indiana and Purdue Universities.

For well over thirty years Sensei Hurtsellers has been teaching Martial Arts as his one and only full time profession.

In 1988 Sensei Hurtsellers moved to the Toledo and opened our dojo.

Among His Accomplishments:

  • Two time Indiana State Champion

  • Two time USKA National forms champion

  • Winner of USKA Grand Nationals (USKA World championships) Middleweight division in 1985

  • Represented the USA on our first ever full contact armored fighting team (Koshiki) and represented the US against several other countries. He also competed against the Japanese team led by Masayuki Hisataka. in Olympic stadium, Tokyo, Japan. in 1986 and solidly defeated his competitor. (The U.S. team was coached and led directly by Robert A. Trias – now deceased, who was the founder of Karate in the U.S. as well as creator of the Shuri-Ryu Karate system)

  • Represented the USKK on their goodwill tour of Ireland in 1995 (Led by Philip Koeppel).

  • He was appointed to the prestigious advisory board of EFC “International Martial Arts Association” In June of 2001.

  • He appeared on the cover of the January 2004 “Eagle Express” International Martial Arts trade magazine and wrote the feature article of the issue.

  • In 2016 his first book: "Break The Chain!" was published. In 2019 it’s sequal “Break The Chain V2” was also published.

  • Included in the Arts he has studied are: Okinawan Shuri-Ryu, under the supervision of former Chief Instructor and present day style head Hanchi Robert Bowles, as well as Grand Master R.A. Trias – now deceased, (founder of Karate in the U.S. and creator of the Shuri-Ryu Karate system). Additionally Mr. Hurtsellers also practiced under Hanchi Phillip W. Koeppel, founder and director of the USKK. Mr. Hurtsellers has had the privilege of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, - through the friendship and the kindness of Henzo Gracie Black Belt Professor Gene Dunn, and has studied extensively with Sifu Robert Brown, (Sifu Brown is regarded by many as the leading expert in the internal aspects of Martial Arts living in the United States today.)

Today Sensei Hurtsellers co-directs the Ohio Martial Arts Center of Maumee and the Martial Arts Center of Toledo. You will see him on the mats every night. You will also see him smiling; because in his own words: "I'm doing exactly what I love, the way I love it!"

His unique style of teaching helps his students to become masters of their own minds. Through meditation and mindful practice, he helps his students to be become masters of their action. He believes that physical training alone is not enough. In order to gain the most, one must strengthen the mind as well.



Sensei Hurtsellers is an an author and speaker. He has taught seminars and spoken at various events throughout the country. He is known in the Martial Arts community as a dynamic motivational speaker – encouraging his audience to live the lives of their dreams by applying ancient principals to modern life. Each night Sensei gives brief talks to his students and many are published during his podcast.

Sensei Hutsellers hosts a weekly inspirational podcast called "Ohio Martial Arts - Mindpower". "Mindpower" is based on much of the self-development work he has done in his personal life. You can subscribe and listen to all show and archives here.

Sensei's book "Break The Chain" is available for purchase on Amazon.

Below is a video of Sensei Hurtsellers taken at the 1986 USKA Grand Nationals held in Chicago Illinois.

"As far as I know this is the only video showing me fighting in my old Karate days. I had won my division and this was my seventh match of the day and my only loss. I'm fighting heavy weight Johnny Linebarger in the finals. He was arguably the best in the world at the time (the defending three time world champion of the USKA). I did score a few times in the match and pulled ahead in cuts that did not make the final edit of this video. However Sensei Linebarger went on to clearly win the match, and prove he was the better player. I have the deepest respect for this all time Karate great."    - Sensei Hurtsellers