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Our perspective on MMA and it's relationship to real Martial Arts:

What is it that makes us unique? I've traveled the world and seen very little difference in the techniques of mixed martial artists. What makes a team successful, what makes it a great place to train, is really about what's on the inside – how the members think, how they interact, and how they respect one another that makes the biggest difference.

Our focus is not simply on the physical techniques of MMA. Our focus is on creating an environment where courtesy, discipline, and mental control are present on the mats at every practice. When the right environment is created trainees can improve without worrying about ego's or injuries.

We believe that success is not something that just happens. We believe that success starts with the way you think and the atmosphere that is created. We believe that real success comes from an attitude that is developed in the mind.

If I were growing a plant, the water, the light, the nutrients would be what determines it's health. In our MMA program – it's the atmosphere that sets our people up for success.

Here are the four ingredients of a good team
1. Environment 
2. Knowledge 
3. Conditioning
4. Etiquette and Respect

How do we make our MMA team a special place?

The main problem that commercial MMA programs suffer from is a lack of skilled people that can train at the same time. The simple fact is, there are hundreds of people who want to do MMA. Unfortunately very few have put in the time regarding conditioning, technique, and discipline to have the skills needed to participate in a high level practice. 

When someone out of shape, or with little skill attends an MMA practice, the other team members are slowed down and often end up using precious practice time “teaching” the inexperienced. The result is that the best members of the team never have a chance to improve.

To make matters worse, there is an unspoken etiquette that happens when people really train with each other. A respect for one another that says “If you cover my back, I'll cover yours”. Without preparation and experience a new student will hold back the atmosphere of a real MMA training session.

What are the main problems of most MMA programs?:

1. Lack of organization
2. Beginners trying to train with high level fighters
3. A general lack of cleanliness and etiquette
4. Ego's getting in the way of practice and creating injury 
5. Commercial Interests of the Gym or Dojo giving in to financial pressure and weakening standards
6. Promoters - who's primary interest is filling a card for a show - allowing virtually ANYONE into a match - in order to fill the card. We want to go on record and say that this is an accident waiting to happen! (This is not technically a MMA program problem, but a problem in the sport as a whole.)

At the Martial Arts Center we've addressed these concerns and as a result have created an MMA team with training sessions that are second to none. What we've learned to do is to have a separate group that is the heart of learning that is appropriate for beginners and advanced students alike. It's from that class that they can easily join and become part of our MMA team. 

When a student starts with us they start in what is considered the heart of our program. Our regular Martial Arts Class is designed to give you all of the conditioning, skills, and knowledge of etiquette that you would need to join our MMA team in time.

In MMA training there are really three phases to the work.

1.) Conditioning

2.) Learning

3.) Application of what you've learned through sparring and free rolling.

The class you will start in addresses phase number "1." and "2", and in time; when you've mastered the first two phases, then you can easily also participating in phase number "3." But until you've got a background in the first two phases not only will you slow down the workout for team members, but you could cause injury to yourself or someone else!

The beauty of our Martial Arts program is it is a fantastic training session for anyone. We have people who have been training for ten years plus who attend this class every week. Our MMA members attend this class regularly for conditioning and instructional purposes. Our regular students who have no interest in being part of Team Karoshi also attend this class – it's the basic primer for whatever you want to do in your Martial Arts journey.

Our Martial Arts class will get you in shape, give you the skills you will need, but it will also allow you to get to know the regular team members without being in a situation where you're expected to make them better fighters!

Are we right for you?

Be patient! For someone who hasn't practiced Martial Arts or MMA much before we recommend a minimum of 50 classes or more before you even considered working out with another fighter training for a bout. For those with lots of previous experience at least attend a dozen regular classes so we can get to know you and you can get to know us first.

Remember, no matter what skill level you are at you will benefit from our Martial Arts class – that's the reason many of our regular Team Karoshi members attend it regularly. Don't look at Martial Arts something apart from your MMA goals – if the class is taught well – the Martial Arts Class should support your goals!

If you are reading this right now and saying to yourself something like: “I don't want to go to the the Martial Art class, I only want to fight, and I only want to mix it up with the team.” please hear this. With all respect, and not to be offensive – we simply are not right for you. There are other choices locally, and if you do not want to become a student, and instead just want to fight with our team members we are not the right fit. Our dojo is a dojo first - and we are looking for students - not just fighters.

Dan MacMurray winning in Michigan

When a program gives up it's standards in order to win your business, then that program is doomed to fail. We don't want your business; we want your heart. We want you to be part of us - and that's something that can only be paid for with sweat.

The requirements to join Team Karoshi class are simple.

1. Make sure you've been in class enough that we are comfortable with your etiquette, partner skills, and work ethic. 
2. Be certain you are competent at certain aspects of training, you can do light contact sparring, can free roll, and understand basic jiu-jitsu techniques. (Generally that means you need to ask and get permission from Sensei, Mr. Joe, Mr. Blattman or Mr. Collins.)
3. Make sure you've got your own equipment including shin and instep guards, head gear, mouth piece, heavy gloves and MMA gloves and hand wraps. (You can order this equipment through the dojo, if you get your equipment elsewhere you must get it approved by either Sensei or Mr. Blattman before you will be allowed to use it.)
4. If you wish to represent Team Karoshi you've got to be active - you will not be allowed to fight representing the team unless you are training on the mats REGULARLY. No one is allowed to represent Team Karoshi unless they get direct permission from Mr. Joe, Mr. Blattman, or Mr. Collins.

As simple and blatantly obvious as those requirements are you wouldn't believe how many people contact us every week who want to represent us in a MMA bout who are unwilling to follow these rules. Again, with all due respect - if you are not comfortable with any of the above rules then it is probably in both our interests that you look elsewhere.

Your future!

In a few short months you might be looking the best of your life, feeling more confident than ever, and feeling part of a real Martial Arts program and part of a real MMA team. Maybe you'll be part of that team, and a friend or neighbor will ask: "What happened to you?" And you will tell them - "I've found something I believe in, something I can be a part of, and not only have I learned to compete; it's made my life better!"

If any of this seems true to you it's important that you try us out. Your first step is to give us a call and simply try out our class. We have an introductory course of two classes available for only 20.00. You can schedule your first lesson online right now, or it you prefer call us and we will schedule it for your over the phone.

Remember all of the information about our program including pricing and schedule is available here on our web site; but as complete as our web site is there is nothing like an actual experience. That's why I recommend you take our introductory course and leave some sweat on our mats. Schedule your first class online, or call us today at 419-385-1000 to set it up over the phone.

Sensei Hurtsellers