What is Meditation?

In order to understand meditation as I teach it you must know and accept this one universal principle:

“When the conscious mind; and the unconscious mind are in conflict; the unconscious always wins.”

When you believe that you can't have what you want; that you are not worthy, that there is a limitation, or that you will be in danger if you get what you desire you set up for yourself a conflict. One part of you wants to take action to move in the direction of your dreams; the other part of you sabotages what you've set out to accomplish. 

These negative beliefs are invisible – in fact you probably don't think of them as beliefs at all – you probably consider them facts! If you could just see them for what they really are; bad habits of thought that you've picked up over time, you could easily let them go. But since these thoughts are invisible you have no way of accessing them, let alone change them. As a consequence, for most people life goes on and on with very little opportunity for positive change.

Meditation then is an exercise designed to help you still the mind; and as a consequence distract the mind from it's limiting thoughts and beliefs. When when you learn to meditate, the mind becomes quiet and still. In Japan this state is sometimes called “Mushin” or “No-Mind”; meaning a state of mind where you are completely aware, but no longer thinking. It's this state of consciousness that is the target when you are learning to meditate. 

Often a wave of good feelings are experienced as you enter this state of “Mushin”. We teach that this is the natural joyous feeling that you were born with; the feeling of freedom and confidence. With practice; as the mind becomes more and more disciplined a student begins to feel what it's like to experience themselves without their customary fears and doubts. Over time a student begins to realize that this good feeling is the way human beings should be feeling most of the time. In other words; when you meditate regularly you get used to feeling good; you become more aware of negative feelings and emotions!

So here is where the magic of meditation begins to change your life for the better. With practice you begin to be aware of how you feel even when you're NOT meditating. You start to notice as you go through your day when you limit yourself, when you tell yourself you can't, or you're not good enough. You notice these negative emotions because you have become so conditioned to feeling good; this negative self talk will begin to stand out like a sore thumb!

Since you will be able to see your limiting thoughts and beliefs you can choose to keep them or let them go. In a short period of time you will begin to choose different thoughts on purpose that line up with THE WAY YOU FELT WHEN YOU WERE MEDITATING! When you begin to change your beliefs real change in your life will begin to occur – quickly!

Meditation is a powerful tool for achieving your goals and living the happy life that you deserve.

Make Meditation a Part of Your Martial Arts Practice!

Here is a brief talk on some of the benefits of making meditation a part of your Martial Art practice. This talk was taken from one of his posts; just push the play button in the player below to listen in.


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More on Meditation

A Samurai approached a Zen monk and asked him the meaning of heaven and hell. The Zen monk rudely dismissed the Samurai telling him he didn’t have time for such a foolish question from a ruffian. The enraged Samurai, his honor offended, drew his sword threatening to cut down the monk.

“That”, said the monk, “is the meaning of hell.”  

Comprehending the teaching, the Samurai replaced his sword and dropped to his knees bowing and thanking the Zen master.   

To this the master replied; “Now that, is the meaning of heaven!”   

Virtually all agree that the key to a happy life is the ability for one to control their own thoughts and emotions. Meditation is the practical technique of learning how to gain control over the mind and direct it in any way you choose. This ancient practice has proved useful to millions of people over thousands of years.   

While seldom realized in the west, meditation was the original foundation of all true Martial Arts. The ability to control the breath, and thereby discipline thinking and emotions, is fundamental for living a calm, peaceful and productive life. Learning to discipline the mind is also foundational for those involved in the serious practice of Martial Arts.  

Meditation is and has always been an integral part of our teaching at the Martial Arts Center. You will learn correct breathing, posture, and how to take the foundation of Martial Arts - meditation, into everyday life!

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