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Fitness, Self-Defense and Concentration are for NOW

The benifits of Martial Arts practice should include fitness, practical self defense, and learning better self-control and self discipline. We deliver these benifits in a facility that is second to none anywhere in the state of Ohio.

To contrast our program with many throughout the United States; look no further than the belt ranking system. In most commercial dojos here in the West, ranks are given away with little or no real test - in large part to either sell a long term "Black Belt Club" membership, or to be used as a tool to motivate a student to keep attending class long after interest has vanished. 

We believe that people practice martial arts to improve themselves - NOT for black belts. We believe that in a real dojo, a Black Belt should be represented by an amazing martial artist who demonstrates the full benefits of the martial arts in fitness, maturity, and discipline. We also believe a real black belt should be extremely rare. The ratio of a person being promoted to black belt should take about the same time and commitment that a student of the piano would need to become a member of an orchestra. 

So why are we still so without giving black belts away to children? Our belief is that people either continue to practice martial arts with us because they are getting REAL improvements in there life NOW.

No one should practice martial arts because they are PROMISED benefits at some future date. (especially when those benefits are supposedly hooked to a particular belt rank)

It's a pure and simple proposition from us. We want you to enroll and learn with us because you should get benefits NOW. You should begin to look and feel healthier NOW, you should begin to learn how to defend yourself NOW, you should have more focus and concentration NOW - and all of those benefits should continue to grow on a regular basis.

We invite you to take a little time; look over our site - almost all of your questions are probably answered here. If we look interesting enough to you feel free to call and schedule a visit. If you have any questions and can't find the answer feel free to call us anytime - seven days a week - at 419-385-1000.



A unique tuition model

Our dojo is also unique when it comes to our tuition model. Our dojo is unique because we believe in NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS! Never will you be asked to commit to more than three months at a time!

Do we want you to love studying with us so much that you stay with us a long time? Of course! But at the same time we realize that both adults and young people are looking for the right fit for them. Goals can and do change as life changes; consequently it's important that you practice at a dojo that doesn't force you into predicting what the future will hold. If you love learning with us; then your relationship with the mats should be the determining factor as to whether you continue to attend and pay. The decision to continue to study martial arts should not be based on something you signed, but should be based on your continued progress in the arts!

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Our style is a blend -taking some of the best technique from the following arts. For information about our style click here.


Karate (Various Styles), Mauy Thai, Kick boxing, Kempo, Kenpo, Hapkido, Tang Soo Do, 

Boxing, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ),

Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Ninjitsu


We also host an MMA team and integrate techniques from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts