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Ohio Martial Arts Center - 3100 Main Street, Suite 1145 (Shops at Fallen Timbers), Maumee Ohio, 43537



Kick Boxing, Karate (Various Styles), Mauy Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) all influence our system

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Martial Arts Center. 5055 Glendale Ave. Toledo, OH 43614




Martial Arts Center

The tiny little secret that let Alicia lose that last 5 pounds!

For years Alicia had struggled; she was in good shape - but she could never get rid of that last 5lbs.She tried running, Jazzercise, Spinning, she was even in Yoga three days a week. No matter how hard she tried, nothing seemed to work!

One day, Alicia asked herself this simple question: 

"What if what's missing is my passion? What if instead of trying to find the thing that will make me look good to OTHERS, instead I find something to do just for ME?"

So that's what she did - (she practiced martial arts in college and remembered that was the one thing she LOVED) so she signed back up. What Alicia discovered was a little known secret - when you do something you LIKE - you will work harder at it. She found herself completely immersed in her lessons - her escape from all the tension of the day - she found at the dojo a place where she could finally be herself. Alicia found herself getting stronger, more flexible, and more focused. Her confidence began to grow - and her clothes fitting better was just a bonus!

A little over 4 months after starting her classes Alicia stepped on her scale, she was surprised to notice those last 5lbs were gone. But the best part to Alicia was - she didn't care - she was having fun - and that was the key.

The SECRET Alicia learned was that there there is NO form of exercise that will get you to your goal. The REAL SECRET is to find what you love; and when you do that the RESULTS FOLLOW!

What makes us unique?

Our dojo is unique because we believe in NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS! Never will you be asked to commit to more than three months; and the majority of our students are on month-to-month programs.

Do we want you to love studying with us so much that you stay with us a long time? Of course! But at the same time we realize that both adults and young people are looking for the right fit for them. Goals can and do change as life changes; consequently it's important that you practice at a dojo that doesn't force you into predicting what the future will hold. If you love learning with us; then your relationship with the benefits you are getting should be what counts. Your decision to continue to study martial arts should be based solely on how the art is HELPING YOU!

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