Some say it's unrealistic; they say that people in America today do not care. We believe there are some that do. - Martial Arts Classes only 35 minutes away from Bedford Michigan


For years I would drive 90 minutes one way to see my teacher. We believe there are some that are willing to take 30 minute drive - this page is for them.

We have a different approach to rank and practice that some people think is worth the drive.

You won't believe why John felt ripped off at graduation!

John worked hard at the dojo. He attended all the classes and felt like he was learning. He was told there was more to the program and that he was just scratching the surface. John was always the kind of person who set goals.

One day; after a month or two of signing up he was called into the office to have a conference with the instructor. He was told he was doing a great job. He was told he was on the right track. He was told he was ready for the Black Belt portion of the program. This meant he would make a longer term commitment to his study and set a goal to become a Black Belt. According to the chart if he attended and did the work he could expect to achieve his black belt in around three years (the same length of time the contract asked for). It seemed like a great deal to John. He signed up and was eager to get started on his path. 

Three years and thousands of dollars later John realized he was getting ready to be promoted to his Black Belt; but he wasn't happy - he was frustrated. He looked around him and realized he was being promoted along side kids and others who hadn't worked nearly as hard as he had. Basically EVERYONE that signed up on the course was getting the same black belt. John had memorized a bunch of stuff - but he couldn't see how most of it would work in a real self defense situation - and one thing for sure; John absolutely KNEW that most of the people he was getting his really couldn't defend themselves if they had to.

The teacher told John it didn't matter. He told John that Black Belt was really about personal excellence; and that his black belt didn't have to do with anyone else. But deep inside John was sure something was wrong. He didn't want to compare himself to others - he got that - but he would think: "If the others are all getting the same belt and there not good - maybe there just giving me the belt because I paid too. Maybe there is a truly great martial artist inside of me; but maybe I could never be truly great in a place like this?"

After all the time, work and money - saddest of all - John felt cheated.

"It is for people like John that our dojo was created. About 20% of the adults that practice with us already have recieved a black belt somewhere else."

In our dojo most will never receive a black belt! Not because we don't want them to - we do - but we view Black Belt as a sign of Mastery - not as a tool used to sell a program. The simple fact is most people can get tremendous benefit from studying Martial Arts without needing to become "Masters". 

Martial Arts near Bedford Township, MI (about 30 minutes away)

Martial Arts Center, 5055 Glendale Ave.Toledo, OH 43614


... and

Ohio Martial Arts Center - 3100 Main Street, Suite 1145 (Shops at Fallen Timbers), Maumee Ohio, 43537


When I started training over 35 years ago my teacher told me that about one in a thousand would ever make it to black belt. He told me that the time and commitment would be astronomical. To become a black belt to him meant you had created a way of life - that you lived and breathed your art, and that you were fit to one day pass it on to other generations. To the traditional real martial artist black belt meant MASTERY. 

He also told me this: "While you may never receive a black belt I believe you are capable; it's you that gets to decide if you are going to be that one in a thousand or not. But even if you don't choose to be a black belt - even if you are in this dojo for just a few months - I want you to leave here a more confident, disciplined and courteous human being. 

In our dojo you may or may not become a "high rank"; but here is what you can expect:

1. You will be in some of the best physical condition of your life

2. You will be able to defend yourself - and know it without question.

3. You will have improved focus and mental discipline - you will be able to stay on task better and your life will improve

To find out more about us simply look over our site. All of the frequently asked questions are answered here. Then if you are ready to get started hit the first link below and find out how you can register. Of course you are always welcome to call with any questions 419-385-1000.

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