Consider us if you are looking for Martial Arts Dojo close enough to drive in from Adrian, MI (And we'll PAY you with a 20% discount!)

Obviously we think were worth the drive; but as an extra incentive to you any student (or guardian of a student) with proof of residency in the Adrian Michigan area will receive a commuters discount of 20% off of their tuition!


Obviously we think were worth the drive; but as an extra incentive to you any student (or guardian of a student) with proof of residency in the Adrian Michigan area will receive a commuters discount of 20% off of their tuition! 

Adult Program (We also have a complete kids Martial Arts program)

Many students come to us to improve their physical condition as well as their self-defense skills. Others hope to increase their concentration and focus. To become a true Martial Artist you must be proficient in all of these areas. Fitness, Self-Defense, and Mental Discipline are the purpose of true Martial Arts. Our adult program is designed to synergistically strengthen you in all three of these areas. 

The destruction of Martial Arts in the West.

In Western Martial Art schools, there has been an explosion of two perspectives. First there is the “kids” (sometimes called “family” ) Martial Art studio – these organizations model their business based on concepts brought over from dance studio franchise industry. While dance lessons can be a wonderful activity, we believe that this is an incorrect model for Martial Arts! These studios have in many cases compromised education in order to create a business model where parents spend money on games, sleep overs, birthday parties and unfortunately on an unfocused classroom. These studios use the once prestigious rank of black belt as a sales tool, passing the student to a new belt every three months without any real standard. In many of these programs children are being promoted to black belt without learning even basic etiquette and technique! We believe that children can and will rise to the expectation of true martial arts – however they need to learn in an environment that does not compromise the courtesy and discipline of the Martial Arts in the quest for a higher profits. Artificially passing a student from belt to belt with no real tests not only devalues the rank received, it also destroys the culture in the school. Perhaps worst of all – since education is of little value in these programs- often, adults are placed in the same classroom as children!

A real dojo isn't a gym!

With the explosion of UFC, Strikeforce, K1, and other sporting events, another type of studio has risen. While these gyms are right for some people; they are often not designed with the same culture that authentic Martial Arts is characterized by. Often the clientele of these gyms are very young adults. These clubs are sometimes (but not always) display a lack of discipline, cleanliness, and frequent injury. In these programs correct technique is sacrificed in the quest for more physical power and domination. Strategies like “ground and pound” come from this line of thinking. Mental discipline and Martial philosophy are completely ignored, and a “win at all cost” competitive atmosphere is fostered. While it’s true that much of the technique featured in Mixed Martial Arts events is valuable (in fact you can't really defend yourself if you are not studying some of it), these gyms have forgotten the original promise of the Gracie family with their introduction of the UFC. That promise was that one person, outsized, with even a weaker physique, could learn to defend himself through the proper use of superior skills.

Real Martial Arts without compromise!

At the Martial Arts Center, we believe in teaching true Martial Arts. Rank is not to be used to “sell a program” or to keep a student attending class and paying. Rank communicates the culture of a school and helps students push themselves to the highest levels. Additionally, learning and practicing proper MMA technique in a safe environment is crucial in order for a student to progress. It’s not about violence or competition, it’s about keeping yourself and your family safe. We will not guarantee you a specific rank through long-term programs such as “Black Belt Club” or “Masters Club” or "Leadership Training". In many cases these are nothing more than cleverly disguised sales tools, designed to increase bottom line profits. Our view is that these programs are not in alignment with the intention of true martial arts. We offer no guarantees; only a promise, and that promise is to teach you real martial arts to the best of our abilities, day in and day out.

Our method of teaching is in keeping with the intentions of the Masters who created the greatest Martial Arts of all time. At the Martial Arts Center every class includes a solid cardio-respiratory workout that will improve your health and endurance. Your classmates will practice by your side in a safe, supportive and serious learning environment. You will learn how to effectively defend yourself with the most advanced techniques ever created. But in our school there is truly more; you will also learn how to meditate and discipline your mind. Our unique combination of exercising the body and the mind in an "All Adult" atmosphere is the key to increased energy, confidence and concentration for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

*Students can start at any time of the year.

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