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*MAAM is a local non-profit organization, providing community martial arts tuition for those in need.

Tuition Assistance Application

Did you know?

MAAM also can help with registration fee's for events such as retreat, or clinics to will further a students practice. To apply for registration assistants for an event, visit MAAM and fill out the "One Time Event" application at the bottom. 


     What's Happening?

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One of the original founders; Dan DeVerna of is interviewed on an international MMA radio show about the good work that MAAM is doing.

Sensei Hurtsellers goes live on Rings Radio to talk about MAAM.


The purpose of MAAM

We, the founders and original board members of our new non-profit would like to introduce you to MAAM. MAAM is a non-profit organization that was founded by some of the senior students here at the Martial Arts Center. The organization, MAAM (Martial Artists for the Advancement of Mindfulness) is dedicated "To educate and enhance our community through the practice of martial arts and mindfulness." Practicing Martial Arts has changed our lives in so many ways, we feel compelled to help others with the hope that it will touch their lives as well. Our goal is to raise funds to help our community in different ways. One way is to provide martial arts tuition assistance to those who are not able to afford it. Initially we will be helping mainly local children, but the sky is the limit, and the eventual goal is to be able to help all people, nationwide.

Fund Raisers

Periodically, we host "in-school" fundraisers. The events we host are designed to be fun, create an opportunity for students to socialize and spend time with each other, and at the same time raise money for what we think is an important cause.

Also we will be looking for help from students and parents at some of our various fundraisers, so please be on the lookout for us to hit you up to donate some of your time.

Also accepting individual donations

If you personally would like to make an individual donation, you can do that any way that you would like. You can drop a check (made payable to MAAM) or cash, in the wooden box labeled "MAAM donations" and Sensei or Sempai will get that to us. Additionally, if you would like to have an extra $5 or $10 (or however much) taken out of your tuition every month, please let us know, either by cutting, pasting, and completing the bottom of this form and dropping it in the box or you can send her a quick note via email ( She will then write a check to MAAM on your behalf. (MAAM is currently recognized as a not-for-profit in the state of Ohio, and is a liscenced 501c3 recognized by the Federal Goverment; making all donations fully tax deductible.)

Student Name ________________________________________________________________________


Please add $______ to my monthly tuition to be donated to MAAM to help them with their mission.


Signature of student/parent _____________________________________________________________


Thank you for your support.

, - The original founders and current board members of MAAM