How to start? - It's Simple

First register for our introductory course.

What results do you get from taking our intro course?

The course includes two lessons at the special rate of only 20.00 dollars.

  • What result can I expect from taking the intro course?

    • You will gain two core self defense skills that will keep you safe forever.

    • You will receive a noticeable increase your range of motion and in just two classes.

    • You will have a great time; and leave sweating , smiling, and feeling younger.

    • In our separate kids class, children will have fun, increase their self esteem, and coordination.

  • Why take an introductory course?

    • Your course allows you to sample us and get the attention you deserve. If you enjoy your classes and want to learn more techniques, the course gives you the foundation you need.

  • What if I’m not happy with my introductory course?

    • Your course comes with our “Deep Bow” guarantee. If you are not delighted let us know and we will gladly refund your money with a deep bow of respect.

  • What is the tuition if I want to learn more skills?

    • Our tuition, schedule, and other FAQ’s are published here on our site. Tuition assistance is also available for those who need it.

  • Where is Ohio Martial Arts located?

    • We are right on Main Street across from Dillard’s in the Shops At Fallen Timbers.

  • When are the classes?

    • Our schedule is comprehensive. For most ages we have classes every weeknight and every Saturday. For adults we also have mid day classes and morning classes too. (We schedule your introductory course during the evening sessions - shown below- to give you the best staffing and experience).

  • Why is there a waiting period before I can take the intro course?

    • We only accept an average of 3 new students in each age group per month. Only introductory course participants are eligible to enroll. Your intro course gets you in the system and puts you at the front of the line.

  • Will I feel comfortable?

    • Making our guests feel at home is our highest priority! You will find our dojo is one of the most welcoming and approachable places in town.

“Before I came in I was intimidated. I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in. But everyone here is so friendly.”
— John Scholtz - Maumee Ohio

IMPORTANT: There is a required waiting period based on age division. The wait times are listed below beside the appropriate age.

This form will only take 2 minutes and will schedule your first visit. (You can also call us at 419-385-1000 if you need live help.)

The calendar below is only used to help you remember the date of the month of your appointment. (Your appointment will NOT show up below so be sure to write it down.)

We will send you a confirmation email as soon as possible.