What is our tuition?

  • Try us first. We recommend you start by trying our classes with our two session introductory course.

Q: Why should I take the introductory course?
A: We only accept nine students in each quarter and are always on a wait. The intro lets you try us with no obligation; and puts you at the head of the line if you choose to take one of our spots.

  • Ready to start? Don’t make a big commitment (Instead just kick the tires and find out if we are right for you.) Start by taking our introductory course.

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Important Information Regarding Price:

  • Results!: Our program is structured to give a specific result. In 18 months (or less) a student will have the skill to win in a self defense situation as well as being in great shape and have a focused mind. (Youth students also learn self control and how to set goals.)

    • Q: How can I be sure I’ll get the result offered?

    • A: No one ever follows our curriculum without getting these results! Our class is structured based on 30 unique lessons that are taught with spaced repetition. We take full responsibility for your learning in each of these lessons. We will do whatever it takes; as long as it takes, to be certain you have mastered these skills. This is our promise to you.

  • No long term contract: If you love our class we do not require a long term contract. Not a three year agreement, not a one year agreement, not six months. Our program can be cancelled at any time with just 3 months notice - that’s it!

    • Q: Why is there a cancellation period?

    • A: Our curriculum operates on a wait. We only enroll limited number in each division (an average of just nine students per quarter). The notice period allows us to fill all available spots.

  • Our tuition is billed at 149.00 per month. If a student prepays for 6 months in advance we provide a 10% discount.

    • Q: What if I can’t afford tuition?

    • A: Tuition assistance is available. The only requirement is a student must identify a genuine need, have a desire to learn, and demonstrate regular attendance.

  • No hidden travel costs: Costs of traveling sports are killing the budget (not to mention the time) of most families! Since we are learning based (not competition based) students don’t need to travel to tournaments and other events to gain the skills taught in our dojo.

  • No hidden testing fees: We do not charge a "testing fee". These fees can be substantial! We include all fees in your original tuition.

  • No "upgrade": When you enroll with us we do not try and "up sell" you to a more expensive series of lessons after a few weeks or months. Our curriculum will lead you to a specific result. Many students stay for years to come after they have gained the skills we teach. But these students stay because they enjoy the practice; not because we have sold them a different course of study.

  • Beautiful easy to access facility: We've spared no expense when it comes to our facility; clean, attractively decorated, and among the largest and most beautiful in the nation. Parking, nearby shopping, dining and entertainment all within walking distance.

  • Try us first: The easiest way to get started is to try our program. This is done by scheduling your introductory course.