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My name is Joseph Hurtsellers. I’m the head instructor and owner here at Ohio Martial Arts.

Sometimes people feel a little scared or intimidated about choosing to learn martial arts. But this page is designed to put your mind at ease by giving you a better picture of what we’re all about.


It all started on the roof.

In 1978 my Karate teacher hired me to tar the roof of my dojo. I was 15, and it was my first job (I joke that I got to start at the “top” of the martial arts field)!

After the roof was finished I was hired to help a few of the younger students. I’ve been teaching martial arts ever since (over 40 years now).

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My first job was on the roof of a dojo!

(I started at the “TOP” of the martial arts field!) 😊

Not just for the elite.

Over the years I’ve been blessed with some fantastic teachers. Each were phenomenal martial artists. While each teacher had a very different personality, they all shared one similarity; each of had an abiding belief in the power of martial arts to improve the lives of ordinary people.

Today in our dojo; using martial arts to create better lives is what drives us.

Sadly, most martial arts schools focus on the strongest, fastest, and most coordinated students. But at our dojo, we specialize in helping those who might otherwise struggle. We love to help the student that might feel shy or uncoordinated, or even the student that might have some type of physical limitation (like a knee or a back problem). Our dojo was built for regular people, not just the elite!

People don’t just have physical concerns about martial arts. Frankly; some people find most dojo’s a little intimidating. But our school has created a cooperative “partners instead of opponents” atmosphere. You will find us to be one of the friendliest places in town.

We were founded on the idea that martial arts are not just for the few — martial arts are for everyone.

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No random results —instead results that are “sure fire”.

Getting in great shape, learning self defense, and learning to focus should not be accidental. These results need to be consistent and predictable.

My goal is to give everyone the positive results of martial arts training. 

We’ve spent years figuring out how to give our students consistent results. We get results because we’ve created a clear path through our curriculum. 

Most people think that martial arts should be hard to learn. But martial arts can be taught in a way that is simple —even enjoyable. We break everything down with step by step directions. You follow the steps; you get the results!

Our focus is NOT on competition. Instead, we focus on LEARNING. When learning is the focus of a dojo students help each other. They respect one another. Sometimes they become friends.

We are not a gym, a training hall, or a fight club —instead; we are a SCHOOL.

We will teach you how to focus your mind.


It’s true most people never have to use martial arts in a real fight (thank goodness!). But you will use a focused mind every day. F,ocus improves your relationships, health, even financial well being. Everything gets better when you learn to focus.

It’s a shame that one of the most important ingredients of martial arts has been made difficult and confusing. At our school you will learn how to focus, but we will make the principle of focus “user friendly”. We will teach you how to use your mind to create results in every area of life, not just on the mats!

Where does your journey start?

Are you ready to start your journey?

If you’re ready, I’d love you to give us a test drive. You can find out more by going here.

You can also call me directly at 419-385-1000.

Thanks again for stopping in. I can’t wait to meet you in person!

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Joseph Hurtsellers - Sensei


I do have a few hobbies on top of teaching martial arts. 

I love to write (I’ve written a couple of books). I love NFL football (Bears and Colts). I also love a good beer (maybe I love beer just a little too much!).

My wife Shelly (dojo co-owner) and I live in Maumee, but whenever we can, we hang out at our place in the Catalina Foothills just outside of Tucson. We hike during the day; and spend our evenings under the stars at our neighboring beer and wine garden.

Me and a few of my peeps at “Three Canyon’s Beer and Wine Garden” in the Catalina Foothills. (I’m the good looking guy in the orange shirt).

Me and a few of my peeps at “Three Canyon’s Beer and Wine Garden” in the Catalina Foothills. (I’m the good looking guy in the orange shirt).