About Sempai Shelly Blanco...

Sempai Shelly Blanco began practicing Martial Arts after having been brutally attacked in her apartment. She wanted to learn how to defend herself and also to alleviate the fear that she carried with her on a daily basis as a result of that horrible night. She found Sensei Joseph Hurtsellers’ school and began to study Martial Arts in Toledo under his supervision. She was amazed at what she was able to learn and the progress she was able to make so quickly.

First was fitness -- the workouts had a cardio component like nothing she had ever experienced. Shelly watched the weight drop and felt her health improving on a consistent basis. She learned hard-core self-defense that gave her the confidence to know that she could defend herself, and destroyed that fear that she had been living with for so many years.  But Ms. Blanco will tell you that the number one thing that Martial Arts practice has done for her, is the ability to discipline her mind.  Through meditation, Ms. Blanco has learned to relieve stress and remained focused in every situation; not just the life and death ones!
Now Ms. Blanco is a full-time Martial Artist and instructor and co-owner of the Martial Arts Center of Toledo and Maumee. She has taught mixed martial arts in Maumee, Sylvania and Toledo consistently at each of our schools. She works side by side with Sensei Hurtsellers to empower those students who come to the dojo looking to improve their lives through the practice of the Martial Arts.

Sempai Shelly off the mats:

In addition to her efforts both on the mats and behind the scene of our dojo; Sempai Shelly Blanco is also a high honors graduate of Mercy College and a licensed R.N. She is also the owner of "Shelly's 40 Love Bar and Grill" located inside Shadow Valley Tennis and Fitness. For more information including daily specials and menu items you can visit Shelly's web site.

If all of that wasn't enough; Sempai Blanco is also the creator and patent holder of "Instant Nanny";  the worlds first and only system for raising children packaged as a game. "Instant Nanny" was created as a result of her personal experiences teaching and working with hundreds of children and their families at the dojo. "Instant Nanny" has become a way for average parents to quickly and easily bring the expertise of a Martial Arts Sensei into the home and help them raise their children. For more information on "Instant Nanny: click here.

In addition, Sempai Blanco has taught many self-defense clinics for a variety of groups, organizations, clubs and companies – The United Auto Workers, NFO,  Holland Free Methodist Church, Reynolds Rd. Animal Hospital, The Girl Scouts of America, Bethany House, Toledo Clinic, Curves for Women, and others. Additionally, she has taught children’s “STRANGER DANGER” seminars for local schools including Holland Elementary and Springfield High School. She has been featured several times on WTOL’s “AM Saturday” in addition to various news events to help the public understand that regardless of the shape they are currently in, they have the ability to get into great shape, learn how to effectively defend themselves and take control of their minds and lives.

Sempai Shelly's Self Defense Clinics:

Because of Sempai Blanco's extensive background and life experience she has become the local expert regarding self-defense for children and teaches clinics to help kids stay safe.


Below is a video reviewing the material she covers and a video highlighting some of the material she covers in her family events.