Join us Sunday, March 17th from 1:00pm to 2:30pm as we support the Reagan Delaney Tokes foundation. All proceeds of this self defense clinic go 100% to the foundation!

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Our last "Rally For Reagan" event was covered by the Blade, WTOL, 13 ABC, NBC 24, Fox 36, BCSN and others:  Check out: Blade Coverage, BCSN Coverage

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Women's Self-Defense Classes and Clinics

Learn about Sempai Shelly Blanco's dramatic story and discovery of martial arts.

Sempai Shelly Blanco, teaches Self-Defense clinics for women. These clinics are typically scheduled by individuals, small groups, or organizations.

Her style of teaching is practical, straight forward, and designed to be fun. Sempai Shelly believes that fear is not the key to staying safe; instead she teaches skills sprinkled with humor and a cautious optimism. Her belief is that through the correct mixture of attitude and technique anyone can learn how to keep themselves and their families safe.

Sempai Shelly’s clinics are one hour and designed to be ideal for individuals, companies, groups and organizations. Her fee is only $149.00 for up to 30 participants. For larger groups that might need an extra instructor she charges an extra $60.00 per staff member. (There is also a charge of an additional $50.00 for events that require more than 20 minute travel time out of the metro Toledo area.)

This class can be booked by contacting Shelly directly at her email ( In your email please pick out a few dates and times that would work for your group. Generally weekends and weeknights after 8pm will work if you choose to use our facility. There is more flexibility when events are held at your own venue.  Pick at least two dates just in case there is a conflict.

Shelly also encourages charitable groups and organization to consider charging a fee themselves for the event to apply to their cause - thus turning the event into an instant fundraiser.

To get information on how to get started, or be notified if there are any publicly available Self Defense sessions please leave your email here. (NO SPAM).

Recent Event: The young women from Premiere Volleyball of Maumee - Great job ladies!

Young women from  Premiere Vollyeball/ Premiere Academy  enjoy an afternoon of Self-Defense training.

Young women from Premiere Vollyeball/ Premiere Academy enjoy an afternoon of Self-Defense training.

Below is news coverage from a recent clinic held at our Maumee Martial Arts school.


Below is a short review of some of the material covered at Shelly's clinics.